Fresh Nut Milk at Home in as Little as 30 Seconds

Soybella Soy and Nut Milk Maker

Photos Credit: Nordstrom

Plant-based milk alternatives have been on the rise over the years for lactose-intolerant and milk drinkers alike. Milks like almond milk and soy milk have been a blessing for people that can’t drink regular dairy products, or that choose not to. Even for dairy-lovers, the benefits of nut milk are hard to ignore. Nut milk is low in calories, heart-healthy, it tastes amazing, and you can make it yourself. It is especially easy to make with the Soyabella Soymilk Maker, Nut Milk Maker & Coffee Grinder.

The Soyabella makes delicious soy and nut milk within the comfort of your own kitchen. Simply add water and the nut of your choice, and you have your favorite plant-based milk in as little as 30 seconds. The best part about making soy or nut milk at home is you know exactly what is going into what you drink. There are no additives or unnecessary ingredients. The Soybella is also great for fresh rice milk, pastes, and soups—and it comes with milling accessories that allow you to grind coffee and other dry ingredients. Why not have the luxury of adding fresh almond or cashew milk to your coffee every single morning?

The Soybella Soy and Nut Milk Maker is available in the Goop Pop-In Shop at Nordstrom for $ 129.95.

Soybella Soy and Nut Milk Maker

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