The Best Games of E3 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda, the studio’s newest game really caught our eye. It seems that it’s hitting 4K on the Xbox One X thanks to checkerboard rendering, and it looks miles ahead of anything we saw with BioWare’s previous major releases. (Learn more at IGN)” alt=”Anthem” class=”slider-250899 slide-250900″ /> Assassin’s Creed. This latest installment takes place in ancient Egypt, and it seems that the dev team has integrated many of the systems and design cues from other recent Ubisoft releases. This might just be a substantial departure from the formula, and we’re pretty excited about it. (Pre-order on Amazon, or learn more at IGN)” alt=”AssCreed” class=”slider-250899 slide-250903″ /> nearly a decade ago. But only just now do we get a glimpse at what this release might be. Set years before the original game, early reports make this title out to be mechanically very different. And since the CGI trailer stars a foul-mouthed British monkey man, the tone is fairly different as well. (Learn more at IGN)” alt=”BGE2″ class=”slider-250899 slide-250910″ /> back in 2014, Crackdown 3 had been MIA for years. Finally, we got a release date and a good look at the campaign at the show. And since it’s launching alongside the Xbox One X, this will be a good opportunity to enjoy a stylish 4K experience on day-one. (Pre-order on Amazon, or learn more at IGN)” alt=”Crackdown 3″ class=”slider-250899 slide-250904″ /> Forza games running at 4K on the PC, we’re very excited to see how beautiful Forza 7 will look on the Xbox One X. Racing games are the bread and butter of new console releases, and for good reason. If you want to see gorgeous machines in highly detailed environments, this is the game you’ll want this fall. (Pre-order on Amazon, or learn more at IGN)” alt=”Forza 7″ class=”slider-250899 slide-250905″ /> Pre-order on Amazon, or learn more at IGN)” alt=”God of War” class=”slider-250899 slide-250906″ /> Pre-order on Amazon, or learn more at IGN)” alt=”The Inpatient” class=”slider-250899 slide-250911″ /> most revered games of all time. We saw an HD remaster during the PS3 generation, but Bluepoint Games is giving this classic some TLC for the PS4. Mind you, this isn’t just a higher resolution release with some imporved antialiasing — this is a complete visual reworking of the original game. There are only a handful of games that really deserve this kind of attention, and Colossus is definitely among them. (Pre-order on Amazon, or learn more at IGN) ” alt=”Shadow of the Colossus” class=”slider-250899 slide-250908″ /> Pre-order on Amazon, or learn more at IGN)” alt=”Spider-Man” class=”slider-250899 slide-250907″ /> Pre-order on Amazon, or learn more at IGN)” alt=”Super Mario Odyssey” class=”slider-250899 slide-250909″ />

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