Which Xbox One Games Deserve a Scorpio Upgrade?

Halo 5: Forge came to Windows 10, we got a small taste of what Halo can look like on more powerful hardware. Unfortunately, the majority of Halo 5 is still exclusive to the underpowered Xbox One. The game does run at 60fps, but the resolution is lacking, textures can get pretty blurry, and some elements actually display at half the normal frame rate. Even if a Scorpio patch simply locked the resolution at a solid 1080p, that’d be a nice gesture for Halo fans. ” alt=”Halo 5″ class=”slider-242763 slide-242764″ /> limited to 900p at 30fps, and that’s a real shame. It’s a fantastically attractive game that’s been hampered by hardware since launch.” alt=”Sunset Overdrive” class=”slider-242763 slide-242765″ /> 792p resolution ended up making far-off enemies something of a blurry mess. And since this game served as one of the first major releases on the platform, a little TLC on Scorpio would be nice. Of course, we’d like to see the sequel get a proper half-gen update as well, but TF1 needs it more.” alt=”Titanfall” class=”slider-242763 slide-242767″ /> PS4 Pro and high-end PCs, the original Xbox One release looks pretty rough in comparison. 2160p60 might be hard to pull off on the new hardware, but a 1800p60 or even a 1440p60 boost would be a very welcome improvement. And if the performance in Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition can get smoothed out as well, all the better.” alt=”Rise of the Tomb Raider” class=”slider-242763 slide-242766″ /> extremely high-end gaming PC is necessary if you want both 4K resolution and 60fps. That kind of upgrade might be hard to pull off on the Scorpio, but a frame rate bump and improved draw distance would go a long way in improving the experience for console gamers.” alt=”Forza Horizon 3″ class=”slider-242763 slide-242768″ /> most beautiful games to ever grace the Xbox One. The PC port delivers a superb 4K presentation already, and there’s no doubt that it would look incredible on a massive 4K TV with HDR enabled. And since Microsoft published the console releases, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that Redmond will foot the bill for a proper Scorpio update.” alt=”Ori” class=”slider-242763 slide-242771″ /> Windows 10 port last year, Killer Instinct has continually improved thanks to the work of Iron Galaxy. And due to its free-to-play nature, this fast-paced fighting game would be an excellent way to showcase Scorpio at a full 2160p60. After all, who doesn’t want to see a thirty-hit combo in 4K?” alt=”Killer Instinct” class=”slider-242763 slide-242770″ /> stuck at just 720p, and the PC version had some serious issues of its own. Not only does the resolution deserve a massive upgrade on Scorpio, but we’d also like to see this title get the HDR treatment as well.” alt=”Quantum Break” class=”slider-242763 slide-242772″ /> release of Gears of War 4 on both PC and the Xbox One. The console version is stuck at 30fps, but at least it manages to stay at 1080p. If we’re lucky enough to get a Scorpio patch, we’ll be crossing our fingers for a 60fps target across the board – along the lines of the multiplayer mode of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition.” alt=”Gears of War 4″ class=”slider-242763 slide-242769″ /> aesthetic and performance issues on the Xbox One. Sure, it’s better off than the slipshod launch-day release of Dead Rising 3, but we’d really like to mow through thousands of zombies at a solid 60fps when Scorpio hits store shelves.” alt=”Dead Rising 4″ class=”slider-242763 slide-242773″ />

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